Meyer & Company Auctions

Meyer & Company Real Estate is proud to offer the additional tool of Auctions to market and sell real estate.  Our goal is to create the most competitive and profitable bidding environment and we work with top rated marketing experts and utilize our own online bidding platform to ensure the best conditions to find a qualified buyer for your property.  We also cooperate with other agents and brokerages to incentivize them to share our auctions with their buyers.  We also offer Live Auctions with live online simulcast bidding which simplifies and streamlines the auction process.

At Meyer & Company Real Estate and Auctions we realize our clients have high expectations…and we want to deliver! In a world that is constantly changing, Meyer & Company is able to adapt and stay ahead of local market trends and advancements in technology.

With over 32 years of combined real estate experience, Rick Meyer, Dan Stokes and Bret Andrew Martin can handle auctions for:

  • Land
  • Farmland
  • Premier Properties
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Development Sites
  • And more

Each client receives top of the line customer service. This is what separates us from the competition. Whether you are selling or purchasing a $50,000 house or a $20 million dollar farm, everyone receives the best customer service possible.  

Contact us today to put our connections and experience to work for you and truly see the Meyer & Company difference.  

Meyer & Company Real Estate and Auctions

We realize our clients have high expectations…and we want to deliver!

Auction Benefits for Sellers

  • Creates competition among buyers
  • Stimulates the market and increases buyer Interest
  • Accelerated and targeted marketing program increases buyer interest and awareness of the assets beings sold
  • Assets are often sold “as is” without contingencies
  • Eliminates high seller carrying costs (utilities, maintenance, etc.) while waiting on an item to sell
  • Accelerates the sale; A large number of items can be sold very quickly
  • Seller knows exactly when the assets will sell
  • Brings interested buyers to a point of decision where they must act now or lose the opportunity to purchase
  • The seller can be at more of a distance from the negotiations
  • Seller can set the terms and conditions of the sale and maintain control of the property

Auction Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyer determines the purchase price and market value of the item
  • Reduces the time needed to purchase
  • Eliminates back and forth negotiations 
  • Buyer knows he/she is competing fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers
  • Buyer knows that the sellers are motivated to sell
  • Buyers can enjoy a fun community atmosphere at auction
  • Buyers have access to assets that can be difficult to find in any other marketplace