SELLERS~~Make sure you deduct your selling costs on your taxes! Read this article for more information on what you can deduct…   If you’re like me, you think the IRS wants as much information about your financial life as possible. And that’s typically true — except when you sell a home and make a profit of less than $250,000 (or less than $500,000 when you file a joint return with … Continue reading

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We will be hosting a bonfire and hayrides on Sunday November 23 at 4:00pm. We are including a food drive in conjunction with this event, to support the School and local food pantry. Everyone that brings 21 food and/or nonperishable items will be registered for a $500 drawing. We will have the Bonfire & Hayrides at Bristol Ridge Subdivision, see attached flyer for address. We need your help by inviting … Continue reading

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Fall Checklist Photo

You’ll be ready for winter’s worst and head off expensive repairs when you complete this checklist of 10 essential fall maintenance tasks. 1. Stow the mower. If you’re not familiar with fuel stabilizer, you should be. If your mower sits for months with gas in its tank, the gas will slowly deteriorate, which can damage internal engine parts. Fuel stabilizer ($10 for a 10-ounce bottle) prevents gas from degrading. Add … Continue reading

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Home Features

Among today’s home buyers, nearly half would sacrifice location for desirable in-home features, according to a new survey from one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. The surprising survey results indicate that buyers are searching for move-in ready homes complete with key features and amenities and a significant number of them are willing to give up on proximity to entertainment and shopping and even better schools in order to get them. … Continue reading

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A record number of surveyed Americans say they think now is a good time to sell a house, according to the most recent National Housing Survey from Fannie Mae. The results of the latest survey show 43 percent of respondents think now is the time to sell. And that’s good news for prospective home buyers because – as more homes become available to buy – not only will there be … Continue reading

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